139 E. 63rd Street

My biggest learning with our apartment is that Local Law 11 offers almost no protection for a sound facade given that our railing over 63rd street is loose enough to move several inches when pushed and it wasnt included on our Local Law 11 plan. Crazy! And the board deemed it safe before the DOB jumped in to issue a Class I violation.

Is it really that hard to fix leaks in a co-op? No. But, hypothetically, if the flashing isnt sealed properly, the degraded masonry isnt patched up, and the building doesnt question the engineer sufficiently, those are pretty good ways to get a living situation where leaks are never fixed.

The good news is that our Local Law 11 contractor,, is excellent. But if a building engineer tells them not to do stuff or doesnt point out loose walls, I dont think they can do much. Share your bad coop experiences here.