Today we are getting hammered by malware Attempted to modify the following file File Path C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxxxxxxxxx\My Documents\Downloads\Unconfirmed 126093.crdownload MD5 5bb0e1d484fd2ed4ec4fa3f5478fe1f3 CRC8 A326F3BC30FA0000 Application Rating 2 -- Known Bad Threat ID 4798837 Company Premium Installer File Version Product Name Premium Installer Product Version Description Premium Installer Copyright Copyright (C) Premium Installer This is a (HEUR/QVM10.0.Malware.Gen, 10) trojan allegedly published by a publisher named "Symbolicom Holdings Lmited". This virus sounds like a variant of the notorious "Flashback" that gave Adobe a real headache back in 2012, and it only affects macs... What is Flashback? Flashback is the name for a malicious software program discovered in September 2011 that tried to trick users into installing it by masquerading as an installer for Adobe Flash. (Antivirus vendor Intego believes Flashback was created by the same people behind the MacDefender attack that hit last year.) While the original version of Flashback and its initial variants relied on users to install them, this new form is what’s called in the security business a drive-by download: Rather than needing a user to install it, Flashback uses an unpatched Java vulnerability to install itself. If you visit a malicious (or unwillingly infected) website hosting Flashback, the program attempts to display a specially crafted Java applet. (We don’t yet know how many websites host Flashback.) If you have a vulnerable version of Java installed and enabled in your Web browser, the malicious code will infect your system and then install a series of components. Since Apple did not release an update for that vulnerable version of Java until April 3rd, many users were and are still susceptible. --- 2014 Jan update: The Flashback Trojan, the most sophisticated piece of malware that infected over 600,000 Apple's Macs systems back in April, 2012 is still alive and has infected about 22,000 machines recently, according to the researchers from Intego.