The Kangaroo Mom & A Solution

If a Tiger mom forces kids toward routines of hard work -- the pursuit of excellence at the expense of a crushed soul -- what do we call Moms who exhaust themselves to the bone making sure their kids systematically have everything done for them? I'd say this is the Kangaroo Mom: hopping from one place to another, keeping the kids safely in their pouches. Cold outside and the six year old doesnt want to wear a hat, make her wear one so she wont be cold. Wont eat dinner? Hector her into eating.

Best SD Card I've Found yet

As you may know, this site is a personal blog, and we're photography fans. PNY's Elite Performance SDXC UHS-I Memory Card is ideal for recording high-quality HD videos with a camcorder or DSLR. The card's Class 10 UHS-1 rating means it can keep up with the demands of capturing HD, or even 3D video footage. It's got a U1 speed class for UHS-1-enabled host devices.. Great for heavy load photo and HD video shoots.

I just had a SanDiskb 32GB fail and I'm NOT HAPPY

Nifty Story....

We had a great story on Patch today....or a great dane story. Snowy, a Great Dane belonging to York County residents Brandon and Aimie Terry, gave birth to the large litter of puppies in late October. The owners are looking for new homes for 18 of the puppies, according to a listing on The couple, in an interview with ABC affiliate WHTM, said they never expected that many puppies in the litter. A normal litter for a Great Dane is between seven and 10 puppies, the news station reported. MY THOUGHT: owners will have a lot of mouths to feed.


Today we are getting hammered by malware Attempted to modify the following file File Path C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxxxxxxxxx\My Documents\Downloads\Unconfirmed 126093.crdownload MD5 5bb0e1d484fd2ed4ec4fa3f5478fe1f3 CRC8 A326F3BC30FA0000 Application Rating 2 -- Known Bad Threat ID 4798837 Company Premium Installer File Version Product Name Premium Installer Product Version Description Premium Installer Copyright Copyright (C) Premium Installer This is a (HEUR/QVM10.0.Malware.Gen, 10) trojan allegedly published by a publisher named "Symbolicom Holdings Lmited".
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